advizze angebot
+ Allianz Umweltstiftung (environmental
   foundation), Blauer Adler campaign
Project management, environmental communication
+ Salzburg provincial government and
   University of Salzburg (Austria)
Project management, environmental management
+ Apfeldealer
   computer company and systems consultant
Business development coaching
+ ARRI (Film) Coaching at department head level
+ Bavarian Environmental Agency Interdisciplinary project management, research and development
+ Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment,
   Health and Consumer Protection
Interdisciplinary project management, research and development
+ Best Western Hotels Team development
+ Concema GmbH Qualification of physicians for medical management
+ Danone Vitapole (France) Project management, market research
+ Fa-Ro Marketing GmbH Outsourcing, marketing and sales concepts
+ Flughafen München GmbH – Munich Airport Consulting, public relations concepts and logistics
+ Frauenvermögensverwaltung AG,
   future name Frauenbank AG
   (women's financial services)
Corporate strategy, business development, product management, marketing sales, process management
+ GFLK Gesellschaft für Lüftungs- und
   Klimatechnik mbH
   (ventilation and air-conditioning technology)
Information technology and telecommunications, infrastructure consulting
+ Goethe Institut Coaching, department head level
+ Grundig Akademie Assessment Center training
+ Haller & Partners (France) Development of Internet-based market research tools
+ Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Coaching at division and
department head level
+ Mercedes Benz AG Scientific support,
corporation-wide change project
+ OCE Printing Systems Coaching at division head level
+ Ökometric GmbH Project management,
environmental communication
+ GmbH & Co. Product marketing, project management, outsourcing
+ RWE Telekommunikation GmbH & Co. Product marketing, business development, project management
+ RWE Telliance AG Process integration, feasibility studies, market research
+ Schlossanger Alp Berghotel Consulting, business development, optimization
+ Seminarhaus München Corporate strategy, marketing, sales
+ Skyguide (Switzerland) Personnel selection at department head and team head level
+ Stadtsparkasse München Development of management executives and performers
+ Südtiroler Amt für Denkmalschutz (Italy) Team development
+ Tokyo Electron (semiconductor producer) Coaching at employee and executive level
+ VIAG EuroPlattform AG (Liechtenstein) Corporate strategy, project management, process integration, information and communications technology
+ VIAG Telecom Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH Business development, project management
+ VIAG Interkom GmbH & Co. Business development, project management, marketing and sales strategies, outsourcing
+ Wubsch Consulting GmbH Business development